Learn to sew! Badia offers personal sewing lessons. Contact Badia!

Badia also offers custom embroidery and specialty items. Contact us for more information.

Badia, a certified teacher with the American Heart Association, now offers CPR Classes.

Sewing with Badia started in October 2007. For owner Badia Bentley, sewing presents the opportunity to see one’s accomplishment from start to finish. She wants to show and teach others that sewing can be fun and easy to learn. Click here for more information on Badia’s Sewing Services and Classes.

Badia now offers CPR Classes as well. Click here for more information.

Sewing with Badia offers exceptional quality products at affordable rate

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Personalize it!
Personalize your apparel or gifts with custom embroidery
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Learn to Sew
20% off from YouCanMakeIt.com. Personal sewing lessons available.
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CPR Classes
Badia is also a certified teacher with the American Heart Association (AHA).
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